Weapons of Opportunity

Weapons of Opportunity
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Weapons of Opportunity - This course is designed to give the student the mindset to be in the moment and to use the environment to prevail in a combative situation. Due to the nature of the conflict and other variables, there is no "one answer" to every situation. Weapons of Opportunity is designed for quick thinking problem solving to give the student the right reaction to a given combative situation. 

Topics covered:

  • Edged weapons - How to use average items that you may carry
  • Fan or Flail - Learning to restrain, deflect and distract. Learn your limitations and develop ability to defend or distract.
  • Impact Tools - Ways to keep the situation from escalating to the point you would have to use lethal force.
  • Shield Devices - Anything that can be used to protect or impact. â€‹

​Prerequisite: None

Course Length: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Cost: $100.00

What to Wear: Comfortable clothes and/or Athletic Clothing

*Note: This class does not meet the BFTA™ Alumni requirements.

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Price $100.00
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