Defensive Vehicle Tactics

Defensive Vehicle Tactics
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Vehicles are a big part of our everyday life. Unfortunately, they can also make us a target of carjackers and other criminal elements. This two-day course teaches the skills needed to better defend yourself and your family when confronted with a threat around your vehicle. It covers defensive driving awareness, how to exit and use the vehicle for cover, the challenges of shooting from inside a vehicle, and how bullets are affected when impacting a vehicle

Prerequisite: Defensive Carry or Defensive Pistol I and a valid Firearms / Carry Permit OR Criminal Background Check from your Chief Law Enforcement Officer​

Cost: $500.00

What to bring: 

  • Compact or Full Sized semi-automatic pistol – 9mm or larger
  • Quality Polymer, Kydex, or other rigid material holster. Strong side hip OWB holsters are preferred 
  • Strong side IWB holsters and cover garments are allowed. (see conditions)
    • Your holster MUST be gun specific and you MUST be able to re-holster one handed.  
    • The instructor has the final say on if the holster can be used in the course. ​Appendix carry is not allowed.
  • Quality Gun Belt 
  • 500 Rounds of Target Ammunition + 25-50 Rounds of Defensive Carry Ammunition
  • 4 high-capacity magazines (12+ capacity), or 7 (7+ capacity) magazines
  • ​Minimum 1 double magazine holder 
  • Eye protection, ear protection (electronic preferred), ​ball cap/sun visor,​Sunscreen, bug spray, etc.

What to wear: 

  • High neck shirts/t-shirt, closed toe shoes, pants or shorts with belt loops and loose pockets

*Gun rental and/or ammo packages are available in the Pro Shop​

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Price $500.00
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