Dave Spaulding's Advanced Covert Pistol - Oct 12-13 2019

Dave Spaulding's Advanced Covert Pistol - Oct 12-13 2019
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  • Item #: Adv. Covert Pistol+Night Shoot

Dave Spaulding's 
Advanced Covert Pistol 

+ Night Shoot
(2 Days, 600 Rounds + Night Shoot)

October 12-13  2019 - $500.00

($450.00 + $50.00 Range Fee)

This “stand-alone” course is a good choice for the person who has just received their CPL/CCW permit and wants to take their preparedness to the next level or the person who carries a gun regularly (armed citizen/off-duty cop) concealed and needs to enhance their personal security skills. That said, it is NOT A BASIC CCW COURSE! In many states, the basic CCW certification course is about safety while this course is about FIGHTING with a pistol. The course covers equipment selection, concealment locations, proper weapon selection, lifestyle commitments, wound ballistics, combative mindset, garment removal techniques and “running” a combative handgun. The live fire segment covers the essentials of combative pistolcraft, the combative pistol draw, movement, seated shooting and other related techniques. The course is designed to make you rethink your covert strategies.

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Price $500.00
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