Basic Hand to Hand

Basic Hand to Hand
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Basic Hand to Hand -  This course is designed to give the student the mindset to prevail in hand-to-hand confrontations.  The curriculum is designed to teach quick thinking, problem solving skills, and how to respond to the most common types of combative situations.  The student will learn to combat physical confrontation against an attacker using body control and leverage.  Topics include learning how to fall to prevent injury, how to quickly regain balance, blocking techniques, and using leverage and momentum to gain control over your attacker.

Prerequisite: None

Course Length: 1/2 Day (4 hours)

Cost: $100.00

What to bring: Open mind and eagerness to learn

What to wear: Comfortable clothes and/or Athletic Clothing

*Note This class does not meet the BFTA™ Alumni requirements

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Price $100.00
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