9.1 Force On Force- Pay in Full

9.1 Force On Force- Pay in Full
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Force On Force

This is a comprehensive 3 day advanced class designed to expose the student to realistic threats. You will be involved in various re-enactments that put the student in a defensive scenario using non-lethal training ammunition. You will be shooting on the move, drawing from a holster; communicating with your assailant all the while you are testing your skills to the maximum level. This is a high adrenaline gun fighting class. 

What to bring: holster and mag pouch for Glock 17 (loaner Available), gun belt, expendable clothing to protect all exposed skin (including gloves), paint ball mask (loaner available), athletic cup (groin protector) Ball cap/ Visor, sunscreen & bug spray 

What to wear: long pants with belt loops, long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, no jewelry 

Prerequisite: Completion of Defensive Pistol- II 

Cost: 600

Ammo: NONE (non-lethal training ammunition provided)

  • 3 day class:
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