6.3 Intro 2 Defensive Shotgun

6.3 Intro 2 Defensive Shotgun
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  • Item #: 6.3 Intro 2 Defensive Shotgun

Intro 2 Defensive Shotgun - This half day course introduces the student to utilizing a shotgun for a defensive tool.  The class includes the fundamentals defensive shotgun shooting, ammunition choices,defensive loading techniques, and the pros and cons of utilizing a shotgun for home defense.

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $100.00

What you need to bring: 

  • Shotgun: Pump action or semiautomatic 12 or 20 gauge*
  • 100 rounds of birdshot
  • Eye protection, ear protection(electronic preferred), ​ball cap / sun visor

What to wear: 

  • High neck shirt / t-shirt, closed toe shoes, pants or shorts with belt loops and loose pockets

* Gun rental and/or ammo packages will be available in the Pro Shop 

**Note This class does not meet the BFTA™ Alumni requirements

***At the end of Intro 2 Defensive Shotgun, students have the option to complete the Defensive Shotgun I afternoon live fire exercises.

  • 1 day class:
  * Marked fields are required.
Price $100.00
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