4.1 Defensive Pistol I

4.1 Defensive Pistol I
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Defensive Pistol - Level I 

This is a comprehensive 2 day class designed to expose the student to the fundamentals of fighting with a handgun. This is an intermediate course and you will be drawing from a holster, learning loading techniques & malfunction drills. 

What to bring: heavy duty handgun *, strong side holster, gun belt, magazine holder/ speed loader pouch, minimum 4 high capacity magazines or 6 single stacks, min. 6 speed loaders, eye protection, ear protection (electronic preferred), knee/elbow pads(optional), ball cap/ visor 

What to wear: high neck shirts/t-shirt, pants or shorts with belt loops and loose pockets, closed toe shoes.

Cost: $400

Ammo: 500 rounds  (Ammo requirements are minimums, so please feel free to bring extra.)

**(Gun Rental and/or Ammo Packages will be available in the Pro Shop) 

Prerequisite: Concealed Carry Permit, Must have completed NRA Basic Pistol or skill level equivalent (Upon approval) 

*Heavy Duty Handgun = Semiautomatic – 9mm or larger / Revolver – 38 Special or larger

Having the correct equipment is essential to successful training.  It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to insure they have all the necessary equipment and that it is functioning properly prior to the class. IF you use specific equipment as required for your occupation, it is suggested that you train with your issue gear. IF you have any questions concerning equipment, please contact us prior to your class.

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