14. Land Navigation

14. Land Navigation
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This one-day course exposes students to the skills need to successfully navigate through unknown terrain and become a competent map-and-compass land navigator. Students learn how to read map contour lines, measure distances, find way-points, and interpret terrain features. You will also learn techniques such as "catching", "handrailing", and "dead reckoning" to traverse terrain. Then you will set off with your map and compass to put these new skills to the test on our Land Navigation Course. You are tasked to find pre-determine check points then make your way back to the starting point. This course is ideal for hikers, hunters, military personnel, search and rescue personnel, or anybody who needs to learn the the essential skills of Land Navigation.

Prerequisite : None

Cost : $200.00

What to bring: Open mind and eagerness to learn

*Note This class does not meet the BFTA™ Alumni requirements

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Price $200.00
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